Legendary Fruit of Growth

With this item you can get Max Base Growth on any pet

How it Works?

You need summon your pet and then Right click on the item, you can use any amount of LFOG at once and then to apply on your current summoned pet, you need go to the character selection and wait 5 seconds, after that you can enter in-game and check your new growth

How to get this item?

You can buy it from Odin at Legends Island(219,219) and you can get it for free from our Hosted events, like Xmas event

Tips and Tricks

You can follow this order to obtain more Growth Step 1: Use 3x Fruit of Growth Step 2: Boost it to Level 10 with Magic Stone of Growth Step 3: Get max Growth using Legendary Fruit of Growth The most important one Step 4: Awaken your pet After that you will get max Power/Growth on your pet Step 1 to Step 3 doesnt influence the order but the Step 4 must be your final action on your pet