Pet Skin

Learn everything about this awesome feature
Tired of your pet's appearance? Now we got the perfect solution for it

How this new feature work?

Kinda easy, you just need to go to the Pet Kingdom from the command /teleport petkingdom or /tp pet and you will see all available skins for your pet Once you locate your desired pet skin, click on it and choose the option for it we have 3 way to get your pet skin
  • Free Mode → if you click on this option, your current summoned pet will get the Pet Skin and its all
  • VIP Mode → you will register the Pet Skin on your Pet Skin summon item, and you can use it at any place, so you don't need to go to the Pet Kingdom map to take your Skin
  • Rent Mode -> You will transform your pet on the pet skin and increases your pet Status on the following attributes HP, MP, Phy Atk, Mag Atk, Acc, Eva and Crit

What this "Pet Skin" does?

Each Pet Skin Add an exclusive attribute to your current pet such was Pet Damage, Pet Defense, Pet Critical Attack, Pet HP...