Become a Legends

First map that you spawn on there is only one NPC [Cleiton]
Add Soul Insignia to all 10 pieces of gear then equip the gear
After speak to Cleiton and chose between starting by clicking [i am Ready Sir!]
Second option you get buffed.
Kill 30x Beetle Insect then speak to Cleiton for your rewards.
Unseal the accesories by right clicking them and equip everything then speak with Cleiton chose option Shop and buy your first zodiac pet.
Use pet egg and summon the pet use Lv10 God Fruit to level pet.
Don't forget to add the points on your character.
Speak to Cleiton again and click continue.
Kill 30x Egypt Wherewolf then speak to Cleiton and get your reward. Equip the new chalice and challenge cleiton clones for wings.
KIll 60x Cleitinho and speak to Cleiton. Equip the combat mount by pressing V then Mount tab and click mount on Cleiton's Wings. Click continue at Cleiton.
Kill 15x Statues and 15x Awakened Statues
Talk with Cleiton and continue to stage 5 where you kill Aracnathus.
After that complete the quest and get your rewards.
Combine SoulJade to Lv15 ,alter Fashion and Backgear.
Challenge Claiton, after you've killed him the event is complete. You can use /tp Atlantis to leave. If you can't kill him you can use the buff from NPC Cleiton to make it easier.
Congratulations you've finished the starter event!