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Battle of the Immortals-Storyline

Prologue Lv.01-20 The Catacomb Riot

Desert Chase

Explorer Orion's plane crashed into the desert while he pursued Emerton, an Arch Priest once sentenced to a curse of eternal death. Somehow, Emerton cheated death and now intends to revive the Scorpion Lord. If he succeeds, he will have enough power to do whatever he pleases with the mortal world. Upon encountering Orion, you became part of these events and now stand to play a key role in the defeat of Emerton - or in the failure to stand against him.

Scorpion Lord's Curse

Using the Necron Classics as a guide, Jonas and Evna found a way to deal with Emerton. Evna used a spell from the book to deprive Emerton of his sacrifice, making the summoning of the Scorpion Lord more difficult. Working with Ardth, you managed to learn that the Spear of Osiris would be an effective weapon in a direct confrontation with the Scorpion Lord. While Emerton watched in horror as you won your duel with the Scorpion Lord, Evna stripped Emerton of his remaining magical powers.

Battle at the Catacomb

Alik, controlled by an irresistible force, released the fierce Dragon Emperor's seal. The Dragon Emperor then reappeared in his catacomb. However, as long as the Dagger of Antiquity existed, the Dragon Emperor could not escape his fate of being sealed away once again. Before he was once again sealed, the Dragon Emperor saw the error of his ways and repented for the actions as he took in his pursuit of immortality.

Chapter I Lv.21-30 The Truth


Muto in Atlantis revealed the way to restore order to the world. If Lord Odin is revived, a great new order will be born while the chaotic world will dissapear. Chapter 2 of Apocalypse contains the key to Odin's revival. Once the three Divine Artifacts are found, the great Odin, king of the gods, will fall onto this world and build a new order.

First Fragment

The three Divine Artifacts needed to revive Odin are lost. We must rely on the Eye of the Creator, also known as Odin's Eye, to find the lost artifacts. However, the Eye of the Creator was broken into two fragments in a battle and scattered in separate locations near Atlantis. According to the clues the Expedition Union has gathered, the first fragment was seen by Rogwen. It was apparently hidden in an ore pile in Easter Island North.

Second Fragment

The Expedition Union got clues about the second fragment after the discovered the first. According to Matua's recollection, the second fragment was located somewhere in Easter Island South. Gallege proved instrumental in pinpointing its precise whereabouts. He found that it had been stolen by Bloodlust Whitebears. Finally, after a fierce battle, the second fragment was recovered. The Eye of the Creator is getting closer to being fully restored...

Powerless Relic

Muto started repairing the Eye of the Creator after obtaining its two fragments. While repairing the device, he discovered that its original power had been depleted. He suspected that the loss of evergy occurred when an unkown weapon cleaved it in two. Simply repairing it will no longer suffice. If Odin is to be revived, the Eye of the Creator must be recharged as well. Kano has been asked by Muto to find a new power source for it.

Aegean Crisis

The Paladins discovered that a very powerful monster was hiding somewhere near Aegean, but were unable to find it. Apparently its power, if harnessed, could recharge the Eye of the Creator. Karina,an Aegean, revealed that the monster attacked at night and that it most likely took her human lover. An unlikely alliance between the Aegeans and Paladins formed. It proved to be successful in acquiring the monster's energy and saving the mermaids.

Chapter II Lv.31-40 The First Revelation

The Hope

Divac, the most accomplished explorer of the Expedition Union, discovered Golden Island during a secret expedition. He left a record of the journey before his convoy was attacked. However, this record was kept secret by the leaders of the Expedition Union. Muto's former student, Warren, discovered the secret and decided to give a copy of the record to his master. The discovery of Golden Island brings new hope for finding the Nethrocon Ring.

Gold Vessels

The extract Warren gave to Muto didn't say how to get to Golden Island. However, Golden Island was the only clue given by the Eye of the Creator. In order to make the best of this clue, the wise Muto decided to investigate the reason that Divac's convoy was wrecked. Thanks to the help of Cansas in the Sea of Atlantis, lost Gold Vessels from Golden Island were found among the Naga. However, the Gold Vessels proved to be little value. They revealed nothing.

Dairy of Secrets

Following the Golden Island clue, Muto searched for more information about the island. With Sibb's aid, he found Divac's diary in the Sea of Atlantis. Because the dairy was in the water for a long time, it had rotted. Muto decided to ask Berminham for help in restoring the diary. Berminham was able to restore it using special materials collected from the Sea of Atlantis. The diary indicated that the elven images carved on the Gold vessels are key clues to finding the Golden Island.

An Aegean's Dowry

Taran discovered that the images carved on the Gold Vessels were similar to the images on the Deep Blue Necklace which had dropped off a giant octopus. The Aegeans usually use Gold Vessels as their dowries. The Deep Blue Necklace also has a deep connection with the Aegeans. Muto decided to take the Deep Blue Necklace to the mermaid princess, Karina. He learned from Karina that the necklace belonged to her and that she had given it to the prince.

The Tragic Ending

The Doctrine of the Ocean infused the Eye of the Creator with power. However, it also cursed the prince, transforming him into a giant monster that attacked the Aegeans. Although he was eliminated, his longing for the princess only grew and his soul roamed around his grave as a wraith. The Deep Blue Necklace was used to banish the wraith and release his soul, causing his engagement ring to apear. Thus, Karina's grief persisted and she became determined to play harp of Storm.

Chapter III Lv.41-50 The Second Revelation

The Clean-up

There were problems decoding the Gold Vessels. They were covered by a highly acidic seaweed that was eroding the designs. Taran found a recipe to clean the Vessels and counteract the acid. Once the materials were collected, the deciphering was able to continue.

Pattern of the Past

The symbols on the Gold Vessels recorded the history of the Golden Island and the Netherocon Ring, but did not provide any clues on how to reach the island. Muto attempted to use the Eye of the Creator to receive another message, and though it was weak he found a link between the second Creation Device and the Tomb Keepers of King's Gorge.

The Dark Knight

The Tomb Keepers in King's Gorge are very wary of outsiders. After helping Issabey kill Demon Fireguards, he shared information on the secon Creation Device. it is called Pandora's Box, and it is located deep in the underworld. Only the dead can enter, though the Dark Knights may know of another way.

Devil Fruit

Agritt knows of another way to enter the underworld, but it requires the power of the gods. Dark Knight Tott has studied the Devil Fruit that grows on the Borge Kira Tree in the Bermuda Islands, and believes that it will grand the power of the gods. Retrieving the fruit will be dangerous as it grows deep within the Bermuda Islands.

Crypt Treasures

Since the Norge Kira Tree's location is unknown, Tott suggested that the last person who found the tree, the Paharaoh Tutankhamun, might have recorded his journey. After entering the Pharaoh's Crypt and killing the Menaces that have been plaguing Tutankhamun's Soul, the dead pharaoh was willing to share information on the Norge Kira Tree.

Secret of the Perchment

Tutankhamun held up his end of the bargain and helped you find the parchment, Worsh Sharby was able to translate the parchment to find the location of the Norge Kira Tree, as well as deliver a warning of the dire curse laid upon Pharaoh Arkennordan, the last human who ate a Devil Fruit, Muto in Atlantis may know what the next step is in finding a way to retreive Pandora's Box.

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