๐Ÿฆ…Affinity Hippogriff

Badge Affinity

Affinity Gear has two states Transfer and Soul, you can only add stuff on whilist in Transfer state also can't equipt Transfer state.

Affinity Hippo is equipable in the badge slot it allows Fortifying/gems/stardust embeding/talismans

Requirements - LV140 Exalted 60

How to get

You can buy Affinity Hippo Transfer from Goddess of Night at [url]Legends Island(213,220)[/url] for 10 Affinity Crystals

Transfer state

Beware you need 20 Affinity Crystal Fragments before changing state in order to change back its 10 fragments.

You have to turn Affinity to Transfer state in order to edit gems,starword etc.

To change the state of affinity you need 10 Affinity shards to turn Affinity Hippo Soul into Affinity Hippo Transfer then 10 more to change it back to Soul.

Affinity Crystal shards are dropped by ex15+ bosses. Can also get from some events.

Changing the state can be done at Goddess of Night in [url]Legends Island(213,221)[/url]


Max fortify is +15 - Like any other gear you can fortify at Johnny [url]Atlantis(207,192)[/url]

Only defence type gems can be embeded. Example

Starword example

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